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Jenna Pullaro

jenna-pullaroMedia Maestro

“Life-fulfilling work is never about the money -- when you feel true passion for something, you instinctively find ways to nurture it.”

– Eileen Fisher

Business Philosophy

I truly believe if you speak and act with integrity and sincerity from your heart, you create long lasting relationships. We aren’t in this for a quick sale; it’s about fostering trust and nurturing a relationship for life. Speaking directly to advertising, great things never came from comfort zones! To generate results for our clients in today’s advertising ever changing environment you must be open to new ideas, strategies and tactics.

Leadership Style

jenna pullaroI would never ask my team to do anything I cannot, or am not willing, to do myself. Leading the individual first, then trusting each one are key to developing effective teamwork.

Everyone brings their own unique perspective and experience to a project, so invite them to the table! It’s the foundation of effective collaboration.


A University of Tampa graduate, Jenna jumped right into the advertising world of Yum Brands. She grew to love the media side of advertising where she buys and plans traditional broadcast, print, out of home networks, and also specializes in Mobile, Social and Online advertising. Jenna has worked with world renowned retail clients such as WalMart, eBay, ToysRUs, CVS, Taco Bell & KFC.


Going the extra mile is simply a part of Jenna’s DNA.

At Your Service

Some media directors reside in a high tower. But Jenna is always readily available to our clients and the Landers team.

Insider’s Snapshot

Outside the office, Jenna happily “collaborates” with her husband, their three sons, and their families. Favorite hobbies are reviving vintage goods and baking – you can never have too much glitter or sugar!


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