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careers in broadcastingExtend community support with proprietary relevant programming.

Landers Solution:

“Careers in Broadcasting”.

Today, all companies that intend to play a major role in a community’s business life are expected to play a significant role in that community’s civic life. Smart, forward thinking business leaders embrace the opportunity to be good corporate citizens in ways that leverage their values, resources and interests. The task of a good agency is to structure these involvements in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and, most importantly, unique or proprietary to the provider.

“Careers in Broadcasting” is a program designed to go beyond the typical community service initiative by providing both corporate profile and corporate substance to community programming.

Through partnering with a local media vendor, the program was created to be both a competition and an educational initiative. This program provides an insider’s look at the world of television to young people who otherwise would have no access.

Educationally, program participants are exposed to multiple areas of a vocation within an industry they find both compelling and aspirational. Once revealed, many discover that what seemed beyond their realm may actually be within their reach.

Competitively, “Careers in Broadcasting” participants have the opportunity to test their skills, expand their capabilities and gain the chance to design, produce and star in a segment of a live television program.

“Careers” offers style; “Careers” offers substance. But even more, from a sponsor perspective, “Careers” is an initiative designed and developed specifically to address an expressed client need. It is a program that is unique, a program that is exclusive, a program that is not limited in scope to typical financial supports, but that makes a contribution to the mission of a community service partner.

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