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Outdoor advertistingReach millions of people each day with a message that can grab the attention of busy, distracted consumers.

Landers Solution:

Great creative and outdoor advertising: the perfect partnership.

Our clients are always looking for a new way for their customers to view their products. Landers took advantage of Taco Bell’s craveable menu items and rotated these messages around the marketplace for 60 days. Their vibrant colors and simple layouts made for an eye-catching and effective campaign.

There’s an old saying in outdoor advertising that “seven words is one too many”. It’s a way of conveying that a simple and colorful design is one of the key elements to a successful outdoor advertising campaign. The best out-of-home makes the most of that idea by allowing its simplicity to become its strength.

Using four variations of a bright, bold design provides continuity of message throughout the area, as well as enhancing reach as it moves to new locations. The graphic elements provide a humorous twist on familiar love-related phrases, creating a visual pun that provides an “aha” moment for the viewer while engaging them with a “wonder-what-the-next-one-will-say” playfulness.

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