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Grand OpeningDrive sales and generate brand awareness as an underdog in a small town.

Landers Solution:

“Super Grand Sunday Giveaway” promotion.

Small towns represent a special challenge. When a local franchisee wanted to promote a new store in Whiteville, NC, the numbers seemed to be stacked against us. With a population of 5,148 and 27% of the population below the poverty line, Landers needed to find a unique proposition to convince residents to take their hard earned dollars to the new guy in town.

We took the bull by the horns and suggested a way to “feed the need” two fold; announce the newest fast food restaurant in town and offer a chance to win $1,000 in economically challenging times. Landers positioned Taco Bell as the new value leader in Whiteville, offering high quality products for a good value. A free-standing insert was mailed to Whiteville residents to promote the “GRAND” elements: Grand opening location, Grand Value coupons and the Grand Giveaway taking place on the biggest day in sports… Super Bowl Sunday!

Landers designed a customized entry ticket to be handed out to each customer (no purchase necessary). In-store posters and radio promos supported the event in addition to the FSI drop. The radio station broadcast live from the location on Super Bowl Sunday (2011) and Taco Bell offered 45¢ Tacos to honor Super Bowl XLV.

Our research, planning and hard work resulted in grand success! The franchisee experienced record sales and transactions during the promotion and sustained momentum post promotion. This small town location anchored franchise sales for the company by +20% during the week of the promotion with a total of 1300 transactions on the day of the “Super Grand Sunday Giveaway.” That’s a result worth cheering for!

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