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We’ve got this.

The highly competitive co-op and restaurant arena is enough to make the toughest marketer squeamish, but when you have weekly sales, traffic drivers, rollover comps and year-over-year growth flowing through your veins, you don’t even need caffeine to kick-start your morning.

Landers has learned that it takes an eclectic, seasoned group of professionals to know what’s needed to succeed. We are:

Obsessed with what drives the consumer

Fresh thinkers with breakthrough creativity



Passionate about driving results


We’ll get you there.

With this talented crew we can build you a personal RoadMap to take you where you want to go.

Our RoadMap is our “GPS” for everything we do. It helps us ensure your brand story is built on concrete truths and virtue. Backed with research, insight and local experience, we utilize our expertise to make sure the message breaks through and produces results! Landers is a responsive, high energy, full service partner that knows what it takes to exceed expectations.


Real Ongoing Advertising-Driven Marketing Action Plan (ROADMAP)

Strategic Account and Media Planning
Research and Analysis
Account Management and Development
Co-Branding & Cross-Promotions
Event Planning
Grand Openings
Vender & Co-Op Promotions
Contests, Sweepstakes, Crew Incentive Promotions
Sports Marketing
Cutting Edge Creative
TV and Radio Production Capabilities
Media Negotiation and Value Added
Social & Digital Initiatives